Ripper Street to get third series…


Ripper Street could return to television, despite apparently being axed last week.

BBC One previously announced that the period thriller would not be returning for a third series, citing dwindling audience numbers.

However, the corporation is now in the early stages of a deal with LoveFilm to revive the series, The Guardian reports.

The deal would be for a third series and an option to order a fourth, with LoveFilm premiering the new episodes online and BBC One airing them shortly afterwards.

The BBC has confirmed to Digital Spy that while a deal is yet to be finalised, it is considering bringing back Ripper Street.

"The BBC is looking at partnerships that could enable Ripper Street to return but at better value to licence fee payers,” a spokesperson confirmed.

Read more: Digital Spy

Oh god, please don't tell me there's talk of it being cancelled, I think I'd actually cry if they did. Because we still don't know whether Reid's daughter is alive or not, and Ugh there's so much more we could possibly learn about Jackson as well, but also Reid too maybe. Anyway, sorry if I'm pestering with all my questions.

but it has been cancelled as far as I know, we don’t get a third series. Unless BBC change their mind :(

and it’s completely fine :) it’s usually dead quiet in this blog

I don't know if you've seen the episode info for Monday's episode (I've posted it on my journal in case you haven't), but we get to meet Jackson's older brother, and well we now know he has a brother :), but I'm looking forward to this episode cause we learn something new about Jackson, even if it's something small. But there's only one more episode after that *cries*. But I really do hope we get a third series. Because it is so so good, and Jackson had better still be in it if we do. :D

No, I’ve only just read it now and finally I’m excited because they kinda made the whole preview look like a sequel to episode 6, but turns out it’s so not.

I’m really interested in how it works out too, because if - like it says there - Jackson’s brother is the irritating one, that means he’s even worse than Jackson and that’s something. :P

and uhhhh, the cancellation news are so bad, i still haven’t fully accepted them :(


IF I DIDN’T KNOW BETTER (a Homer Jackson and Susan Hart mix.)

And we were in flames, I needed, I needed you
To run through my veins, like disease, disease
And now we are strange, strangers

TRACKS: 1. dark doo wop (ms mr); 2. table and chairs (electric six); 3. killer one the run (utidur); 4. if i didn’t know better (the civil wars); 5. let’s not pretend to be new men (crooked fingers); 6. hit the road jack (anton belyaev and alyona toymintseva); 7. wicked game (therr maitz); 8. the bad in each other (feist); 9. god’s gift to women (kate miller-heidke); 10. my mistakes were made for you (the last shadow puppets); 11. get gone (fiona apple); 12. winter (daughter)


Any man other than you would’ve caused me less trouble.